Less Recognized Reasons For the Gender Pay Gap

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  1. Keliannys says:

    I really dislike this i am doing a commended paper on this and this is ridiculous ,really. The uber one is insane you cant base pay or gender together in uber. Uber drivers get their pay diffrently and saying women drive slower than men is a stereotype and not true at all, alot of women where i live drive much faster than men here and i do too. And saying men take more hours than men needs to be fixed. It honestly depends on who you are alot of women take more hours than men mostly for money and to go shopping and be able to hace extra Cash in their pockets. Fix this and put it in a way that is dedicated to its theme and not in a general society point of view.The wording should be fixed. And needs more statistics.

    1. I know. All of this does reinforce stereotypes. However, statistics–not necessarily pristine stats though–do confirm, for example, that women drive ore slowly.

  2. Keliannys says:

    The one i have read on paper is The uber gender pay gap. Very irritable.

    1. I also recommend taking a look at Claudia Goldin’s papers.

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