How the Location of Creative Talent is Changing

Comparing 2005 to 2017, we would see a spread in the geography of creative talent that could stimulate growth in stagnant U.S. regions.

Six New Facts To Know About Medicare

Ideal for considering Medicare For All, this Medicare update conveys six facts about Medicare enrollment, Medicare geography, and Medicare popularity.

Why Maine Says It’s Forgotten

Somewhat invisible, China’s tariff impact on Maine lobsters can be seen through a supply chain that even includes massive amounts of rubber bands.

What a Car Seat Says About Trade

When we look closely at U.S. imports from Mexico, we might be surprised when we see where their components were manufactured.

An Avocado Update

Moving from Mexican farms to New York City restaurants, avocado prices will be affected by new tariffs that create supply chain disruptions.

What We Mean by Socialism

Knowing the different meanings of socialism and capitalism can help us better understand what we and presidential candidates support.

When a Tomato is Like a Washing Machine

Next winter, our salads could be much more expensive because a new 17.5% tomato tariff will shrink supply and spike prices.

Throwback Thursday: Remembering When Congress Controlled Tariffs

In addition to its impact on the Great Depression, Smoot-Hawley occupies a special place in tariff history because of its impact on us.

A Surprising Political Center

Although some find it tough to find a constantly shifting political center and others say there might not be one, we all care about the same issues.

The Upside of the 2020 Federal Budget

With the Congress having received President Trump’s 2020 federal budget proposal, a process with a rarely met October 1 deadline has begun.