How China Protects its Chickens

Because Chinese chicken tariffs on U.S. chicken paws violate the rules of the World Trade Organization, the U.S. has taken them to an international “court.”

Where and Why We Move

More than just people moving, the ease of interstate migration is one example of the benefits of a national market with one currency and fiscal policy.

What You Don’t Know About the TPP

We can see by looking at a single firm that makes waders in Montana that the Trans-Pacific Partnership combines Adam Smith with David Ricardo.

Three Charts That Show the Good Side of Free Trade

The consumer benefits from free trade with cheaper goods that most help low income households, more variety, and a GDP rise that boosts living standards.

The Fruits (and Vegetables) of Free Trade

With the TPP ready for the U.S. Congress’s debate on the free trade deal, we can remember NAFTA, comparative advantage and the fruits of free trade.

The Choice Between Free Trade and Tariffs

Low skilled labor bears more of the cost of free trade than comparative advantage and traditional economics have indicated.

Weekly Roundup: From Blizzards to Super Bowls

Our economic news summary includes how the sharing economy relates to outdated regulatory policy, elections and markets, and Super Bowl ad monopolies.

The Good Side of a Blizzard

A legacy of the transportation and communications paralysis from NYC’s blizzard of 1888 was a nudge toward an underground transportation infrastructure.

Why Cigarette Ads Affect the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)

The free trade pact that Congress is debating, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, has an ISDS (Investor-State Dispute Settlement) clause that’s controversial.

The Deal That a Chinese Firm Could Not Refuse

Displaying a shift in comparative advantage, some Chinese textile manufacturers are locating their factories the the U.S. rather than China.