The Case of the Missing Chips

A New York federal court recently explained why it was okay for our potato chip bags to have excessive air that is called slack fill.

The Pizza War That Pepperoni Started

The chef that left New York’s Prince Street Pizza to start his own restaurant could find himself fighting a pizza war because of his pepperoni recipe.

Why We’ll Have a 2019 Valentine’s Day Candy Shortage

First there was the Great Necco Wafer Panic of 2018 and now we have a Valentine’s Day candy shortage of the conversation hearts that are a national favorite.

How Crickets Are Like The Model T Ford

In addition to hot dogs and nachos, sports fans can nibble on crispy crickets at the Oakland Coliseum. Available in zesty lime or sweet 5-spice, these pouches of crickets were sold during 2018 Athletics and Raiders games: But they are…

Why the U.S. Has a Cheese Glut

From changing tastes to tariffs to the number of dairy cows, changes in demand and supply have created a massive cheese glut.

A Tale of Corn and Climate

A look at corn and climate change in northern Canada demonstrates the different markets that develop when temperatures rises.

The Red and Blue States That Agree on Halloween Candy Favorites

While Halloween candy spending displays some agreement between red and blue states, it also relates to a top ten list of economic ideas.

A Russian Wheat Story With an Unexpected Ending

The story of a contemporary Russian wheat farmer is rather surprising when we look back at how the Russia economy has changed during the past 120 years.

How We Swapped Mangoes for Motorcycles

Without trade deals, our fruit imports would include many fewer mangoes, melons, tomatoes, limes, berries, and watermelons.

The Problem With Free Pizza

Not knowing what behavioral economists say about “zero,” the Russian Domino’s was surprised by the response to a free pizza promotion.