The Connection Between Your Birth Year and Your Driving Behavior

Looking back at gasoline prices that teenagers pay when they get their driver’s license, we see an impact on their driving behavior.

The Unexpected Side of Library Late Fees

While library late fees are supposed to be incentives that encourage us to return books, instead they have unintended consequences.

Throwback Thursday: When We Got Amazon Prime

#TBT: Looking back to the creation of Amazon Prime, we see we’ve come a long way from what we used to expect when we ordered online.

What You Might Not Know About Debt

We might find some surprises when we look closely at categories of consumer debt that include credit cards, student and auto loans, and mortgages.

What We Eat and What We Waste

Finding out what we eat, what we waste, and what we spend on our food can depend on the decade we look at and when we were born.

Where Has The Middle Class Gone?

Trying to understand the workers who are leaving a shrinking middle class, we can look in a surprising place and at their debt.

What Our Time Costs Us

While the average life in the United States has 42 million minutes, the cost of spending time can depend on our wealth, where we live, and our age.

A Tale of Two Neighborhoods

Rather than identifying pockets of poverty, recent income mobility research suggests policy makers focus on opportunity areas.

An Unusual Pizza Market

When we compare pizza competition on an island to everywhere else, we wind up with some of what we expect but not entirely.

The Countries That Return Lost Wallets

Looking at honor systems in stores and for lost wallets, we can see how people respond and where to find the most honesty.