Alcohol, Marijuana or Tobacco: Which is Most Harmful?

When government miscalculates the negative externalities of substances like marijuana and alcohol, they waste land, labor, capital, time and money.

Why Pregnancy is a Labor Force Issue

With women’s labor force participation rate having soared during the past 50 years, firms’ attitude toward pregnancy has become a job discrimination issue.

You’ll Need a License for That

With the Supreme Court deciding if North Carolina’s dentists can exclusively whiten teeth, the pros and cons of occupational licenses are being debated.

Why Didn't The Supreme Court Change How We Watch TV?

We could call Uber and Aereo “loophole startups.” While Uber provides rides and Aereo delivers TV signals, both have been entering established markets through a regulatory loophole. Uber’s loophole was their app. Because customers were not “hailing” their ride service on the street,…

Can the Supreme Court Change How We Watch TV?

At the Supreme Court this week, broadcasters sought to stop a small firm from competing against them. Saying it was violating copyright law, ABC led a group challenging Aereo’s business model. Aereo uses tiny antennas to send programming to viewers…