A Closer Look at the Digitization in Our Lives

Recorded music used to start with a label and an artist. The production process was expensive because of the skilled technicians and the sophisticated equipment. Add to that a music video, the physical album, the distribution process, and what do…

Dollars and (Hotel) Scents

Because we retain smells longer than what we see and hear, hotel scents have become a branding tool that accompanies price and service.

The Mystery of the Disappearing Restaurants

Used to be we would prepare dinner at home while eating out was occasional. No more. Now, especially for lunch and dinner, someone else prepares the food. The Mystery The Atlantic called it “The Great Convergence.” The difference between what…

The Mystery of the Footlong Sandwich’s Missing Inch

When a Subway footlong is 11 inches and a box of Whoppers is half full, we can ask about the lawsuits that tried to remedy their misleading packaging.

A Different Kind of Apple Patent

Whether looking at the iPhone or at Washington state’s farmers, producers care about apple patents that protect new products.

How Restaurant Psychology Affects Us

Including music and seating design, restaurant psychology affects table turnover by influencing how fast we eat and drink.

A Marijuana Branding Problem

Soon to become big business, marijuana branding is helped by catchy names but restricted because of trademark constraints.

Why Twinkies Needed a Longer Life

Distinguishing itself from the competition through its long life, Twinkies created a panic when it almost disappeared from supermarket shelves.

The Pricing Power of Japanese Cuisine

More than a good meal, sushi popularity takes us to how Chinese immigration, Japanese affluence and ethnic identity boosted the price of Japanese cuisine.

Why the Big Mac is Like a Model T

Waiting in line at the McDonald’s drive-through, just think 90 seconds. The most you are supposed to wait, 90 seconds is one half of the McDonald’s formula. Always aiming for speed, years ago McDonald’s experimented with un-toasted buns. They also tried…