The Pricing Power of Japanese Cuisine

More than a good meal, sushi popularity takes us to how Chinese immigration, Japanese affluence and ethnic identity boosted the price of Japanese cuisine.

Why the Big Mac is Like a Model T

Waiting in line at the McDonald’s drive-through, just think 90 seconds. The most you are supposed to wait, 90 seconds is one half of the McDonald’s formula. Always aiming for speed, years ago McDonald’s experimented with un-toasted buns. They also tried…

Why Grass-Fed Cows are Growing

Attracting more consumers, grass-fed beef has a rather appealing image that distinguishes it from the rest of the market.

How Were Strawberry Fields Forever Changed?

During most of the 20th century, strawberries were strawberries. Sold in similar containers, they had no individual identity. But then the Selva strawberry arrived. Deep red, with a high yield and a long shelf life, it had little taste and a woody…

Part 2: Why the Fried Chicken Sandwich Market is Sizzling

Our second post in an occasional series on chicken. Shake Shack just entered the fried chicken sandwich (FCS) market. Trademarked Chick’n Shack, Shake Shack says their FCS is a “…cage-free chicken breast—no hormones or antibiotics ever—slow-cooked in a creamy buttermilk marinade, hand-dipped…

What Brexit Takes Away From U.K. Cheesemakers

Certain U.K. cheesemakers will probably lose the monopoly power given them by the EU’s protective designations when Brexit becomes a reality.

Weekly Roundup: From Santa’s Salary to Holiday Spending

This week’s economic news summary includes Apple’s corporate taxes, Santa’s GDP connection, seasonal spending, the gender gap and the brain and shopping.

How Fast Fashion Affects Our Brain

Through the pleasure and pain that fast fashion shopping creates in our brains, we can see why the business model is good for monopolistic competition.

Weekly Roundup: From Uber Drivers to Gasoline Prices

Our economic news summary includes labor regulation and Uber, the GDP and streets, gasoline price fluctuation, food and inequality and markets and syrup.

Rockets, Feathers and Gasoline Prices

Gasoline prices rise faster than they fall because monopolistic competition provides retailers with some price control although their product is identical.