Puerto Rico’s Solar Power Alternative

This satellite picture shows how San Juan, Puerto Rico used to sparkle at night: But since Hurricane Maria, no more: Currently, 10% of the island has power. So there is little running water and few flushing toilets. Similarly, air conditioning…

How Transparency Transformed Food Shopping

When the development of cellophane let us have self-service shopping for meat and produce, it started a retailing revolution.

A Tale of a New Shopper and an Old Brand

The retail unemployment caused by the decline of J. Crew and other beloved mall stores relates to a structural change in their industry.

How EU Regulation Deals With Blue Wine

Surprisingly significant, the EU’s opposition to blue wine reflects how regulation constrains the innovation that creates productivity and economic growth.

What Stock Market History Tells Us

U.S. stock market history from 1900-2015 shows how the diminishing dominance of industries like railroads reflects innovation and creative destruction.

The Reason For Pizza With a Three-Year Shelf Life

Technological innovation as a growth engine that leads to creative destruction can come from food processing discoveries from the military.

The Amazing Innovations That Contests Create

Through incentives that encourage participants to solve design problems, contests can use the benefits of crowdsourcing to stimulate innovation.

Food Issues: Why Economists Say Kale is Like Fried Calamari

Cited when discussing innovative entrepreneurs who invent new ideas, Joseph Schumpeter’s creative destruction applies to food trends that come and go.

What We Can Learn From Competitive Speed Eaters

Bringing innovation to speed eating, hot dog eating champ Takeru Kobayashi displayed the characteristics of any entrepreneur.

The Razor Blade’s Creative Destruction

Contracting because of online competition, Gillette’s dominance of the men’s shaving product market shows the creative destruction that e-commerce creates.