How To Make Kids Smarter

Fifty years ago, when Sesame Street was a new educational idea, it proved that watching TV could make our kids smarter academically and emotionally.

How the Location of Creative Talent is Changing

Comparing 2005 to 2017, we would see a spread in the geography of creative talent that could stimulate growth in stagnant U.S. regions.

Why Free Tuition Is Like An Onion

When Kalamazoo, Michigan made college more accessible to high school graduates through a free tuition program, they were surprised by some of the results.

The One Investment That Is (Probably) a Sure Thing

Calculating the value of college involves what we spend, what we sacrifice, what we earn, and some other surprising considerations.

How An Elite College Determines Your Future

Students and their parents might be surprised that a diploma from an elite college might not have the life-changing impact they expect.

The Hidden Incentives That Determine Our Big Decisions

Random and seemingly inconsequential incentives can nudge us toward the college majors that will shape our future incomes and lifestyles.

A New Product That Pays For College

Like other new goods and services that people invent, the Income Sharing Agreement (ISA) is a financial innovation that pays for college tuition.

Two Ways to See a New Restaurant

While Kenji Lopez-Alt perceived his new restaurant through a food writer’s lens, an economist would see it somewhat differently.

The Tiny Screw That Made a Big Difference

Unable to mass produce a tiny screw, Apple’s Mac Pro plant in Austin, Texas demonstrated the problem with U.S.manufacturing.

Why School Funding and a “Friends” Dinner Are Similar

The controversial side of school funding can take us to a “Friends” excerpt about splitting the dinner check and to a small Vermont community.