Weekly Roundup: From Garbage Questions to Credit Card Costs

Our economic news summary includes expectations bias and female scholars, the environmental debate about garbage and hidden credit card externalities.

Weekly Roundup: From Pricey Hips to Costly Lines

Our economic news summary includes underutilizing female labor, delayed gratification, pricing medical care, interstate migration & assessing labor markets.

Finding the Global Gender Gap

Production possibilities graphs and GDP comparisons show us that a bigger gender gap prevents countries from achieving their economic growth potential.

Weekly Roundup: From Robot Servers to Shrimp Farmers

Our everyday economics includes wages, externalities, productivity, income, tradeoff, taxes, fiscal policy, gender, human capital and comparative advantage.

Why Major League Baseball Has a C+ Gender Grade

Because the presence of women in Major League Baseball (MLB) management positions is very small, they have diminished their talented human capital supply.

Weekly Roundup: From Uber’s Impact to the Cost of Children

Our everyday economics includes social norms, tradeoffs, financial intermediaries, human capital, sovereign debt, externalities,labor markets, & gender gap.

Hollywood’s Gender Gap

The film industry gender gap displayed behind the scenes and in front of the camera through male domination reflects expectations bias.

Weekly Roundup: From Desirable Currency to Rejected Coins

Our everyday economics includes gender gap, human capital, competition, regulation, opportunity cost, money supply, currency and conspicuous consumption.

A One is Enough Gender Gap Problem

A new study showing the prevalence of a “one is enough” cap on the number of female top executives at many firms confirms a continuing gender gap.

It Ain’t Easy Being Pretty

When Job discrimination based on gender targets to women’s clothing, body type and make-up, it can relate to a dominant social group and patriarchal bias.