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Why Major League Baseball Has a C+ Gender Grade

MLB gender report
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  1. Robyn Benton says:

    I forwarded this article to my 15-year-old daughter. She is a big fan of baseball and would very much enjoy a career with MLB some day in the future. The problem is, where does she start and where does she fit in? At dinner tonight, she mentioned that she wishes more girls her age liked baseball so she could discuss it with them. I often wonder if part of the issue: lack of interest on the part of young women? She finds it frustrating that she has no one her age/gender to share her passion with.

    1. Delighted that your daughter is interested. We need more women out there and I suspect the pressure to place more women in MLB leadership positions will intensify.

  2. Robyn Benton says:

    PS: Please excuse the typo – it should read – I often wonder if that is part of the issue

  3. Alexis says:

    Disgraceful but not surprising in this chauvinist domain.

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