The Best Way to Social Distance at a Restaurant

Except for one very clever Amsterdam eatery, the restaurant industry has been hit exceedingly hard by the coronavirus lockdown.

What You Might See on a Ghost Flight

Called ghost flights, empty passenger jets are being redeployed for freight although their seats and cargo holds are not ideal.

How Golf is Like Dior Perfume

From Dior to GM, when we look at golf, sanitizer, and ventilators, the production changes necessitated by the coronavirus depends on the factory.

The Problem With Picking Peppers

New Mexico has a problem with picking green chile peppers because of fewer agricultural workers and some difficulties with mechanization.

Two Ways to See a New Restaurant

While Kenji Lopez-Alt perceived his new restaurant through a food writer’s lens, an economist would see it somewhat differently.

Why Urban Farmers Plant Their Crops in Garages

Using old containers from cargo ships, commercial urban farmers are growing hydroponic mini-lettuces and even strawberries in warehouses and garages.

What You Don’t See When You Watch a Baseball Game

Those vendors that sell us hot dogs, peanuts, and Coke at a ball game are thinking about a lot more than the food and the score.

The Shocking Amount of Electricity That Bitcoin Consumes

Although it is a virtual currency, Bitcoin’s huge electricity consumption is very real when we consider the land, labor, and capital its computers require.

The Cost of Raising Children

Behavioral economists like Gary Becker say that the family is like a factory where land, labor and capital are combined to “produce” goods like children.

The Economics of Checklists

I just took a relative to a local hospital’s emergency room. Like Atul Gawande described in his book, The Checklist Manifesto, a nurse first noted “four physiological data points–body temperature, pulse, blood pressure, respiratory rate.” Had we been in that hospital 50 years ago, the…