Weekly Roundup: From Sneaker Markets to Housing Markets

Our weekly roundup includes the ups and downs of sneaker and housing markets, how women’s human capital has been wasted and healthcare cost contradictions.

Weekly Roundup: From Large Bills to Small Sodas

Our economic news summary includes Coke’s mini sales and social norms, the minimum wage’s and cardboard boxes’ hidden impact, and an economic misery index.

The Impact of a Cardboard Economy

With the growth of online shopping and the cardboard containers used to ship all we buy, we are creating a long list of externalities that affect us daily.

Weekly Roundup: From Super Bowl Spending to Puerto Rican Subsidies

This week’s economic news summary includes disputes about Kobe Bryant and intellectual property, Puerto Rican and Super Bowl subsidies, and deficit worries.

The Cost of Free Electricity

Government subsidies can have unintended consequences because of the incentive to use more of a good or a service than the market has allocated.

Weekly Roundup: From Blizzards to Super Bowls

Our economic news summary includes how the sharing economy relates to outdated regulatory policy, elections and markets, and Super Bowl ad monopolies.

The Economics of Dating (Labels)

The food waste from potentially meaningless food expiration dates has a nutritional, food security, production, expenditure and environmental cost.

Weekly Roundup: From the Generation Gap to the Pay Gap

This week’s economic news summary includes productivity from an aging population, the impact of cheap oil, and consumer spending on aspirational goods.

How the Number 4 Relates to Traffic Congestion

While we would predict that Beijing’s traffic congestion wastes fuel and time, unhappiness is one externality that many of us would not cite.

Weekly Roundup: From Chinese Cement to Bowie Bonds

This week’s economic news summary included David Bowie’s financial innovation, China’s GDP cement problems, inequality contradictions and farm productivity.