The Economics of the Pumpkin Slingshot

For the next bite of a doughnut or the next try at a pumpkin slingshot, economist Alfred Marshall’s marginal analysis helps you decide whether to say yes.

A Florida Orange Juice Squeeze

On one side of the Florida orange industry, we have shrinking orange juice demand while on the other, citrus greening and Irma have struck.

How Egg Markets Are Scrambled

The most recent avian influenza outbreak was one of the worst. In the U.S., 32 million egg-laying hens died while one third of Iowa’s egg layers were wiped out. Predictably, egg prices spiked. Yes, no one expected those high prices…

Another Oil Problem

Affecting millions of salads, there is a European and U.K. produce shortage while the supply of Spanish, Italian and Greek olive oil is also down.

The Real Meaning of Potty Parity

Broadway theater owners have become increasingly concerned with intermission. Where are we going? To the message from the ladies’ restroom. Broadway’s Bathrooms Very much aware that there are far fewer toilets than the number of people who will need them, women rush…

The Healthcare Incentives We Cannot Avoid

The healthcare incentives that shape patient demand and physician supply do not necessarily cut cost and improve well-being.

Weekly Roundup: From Aging in China to Smiling in Denmark

Our economic news summary includes social welfare and Denmark, crowdsourcing and contests, hitting the debt ceiling, aging concerns and expensive lobsters.

The Lobster Market: On a Roll

With Asian demand up and supply slightly down, the price of Maine lobster climbed to its highest levels since 2007.

A Surprising Reason for Newspaper Bias

Would a Democrat say… Estate tax or Death tax? Tax breaks or Tax relief? War in Iraq or War on Terror? Privatize Social Security or Personal retirement accounts? Oil and gas companies or Energy and natural resources? (Answers are below.) The phrases…

Why Might Salsa Prices Soar?

During the 1970s we did not eat many limes, maybe less than 1/2 a pound each year, and most were from Florida. Now our consumption has tripled and the lime has gone global. Faced with cheap Mexican limes, devastation from Hurricane…