The Ups and Downs of Consumer Spending

Because of the coronavirus impact, consumer spending has shifted away from many of the goods and services we normally buy.

Why Reports of a Retail Apocalypse Are Greatly Exaggerated

While store closings are multiplying, reports of a retail apocalypse should be focusing on the changes in traditional retail rather than its demise.

Where People Save A Lot

For many different reasons, the savings rate for our nation and the cash we stash under our mattress can vary considerably.

How Your Purchases Reflect Your Politics

When researchers have compared consumer purchases and politics, they’ve observed that what we buy can relate to whether we are a Democrat or a Republican.

Where the Little Dribble is Big Business

From personal products to fitness clubs and supermarkets, the demand from Japan’s aging population is changing what stores sell.

Why Companies Care About Color

More than something we just see, the power of color relates to our taste, global trends, our moods, and how firms compete.

The Baby Boomer Home Sale Surge

As Baby Boomers decide whether they want to move, downsize, sell or rent, housing markets could see an avalanche of home sales.

What We Might Not Want to Know About Gift Giving

Looking at the numbers from the National Retail Federation, we do not see the value of the unwanted gifts that might be subtracted from holiday spending.

The Online Shopping Nudges We Should Ignore

More than shopping nudges, e-commerce dark patterns are the deceptive and misleading tricks that pressure us into a purchase.

What We Buy When We Are Single

As the number of one person households increases, the companies that make consumer goods and create new housing will have to be sure they “right size.”