Understanding Negative Interest Rates

Since low interest rates insufficiently boosted economic activity, monetary authorities are risking unintended consequences with negative interest rates.

Weekly Roundup: From Super Bowl Spending to Puerto Rican Subsidies

This week’s economic news summary includes disputes about Kobe Bryant and intellectual property, Puerto Rican and Super Bowl subsidies, and deficit worries.

The Cost of Free Electricity

Government subsidies can have unintended consequences because of the incentive to use more of a good or a service than the market has allocated.

Weekly Roundup: From Area Codes to Toilets

This week’s economic news summary included looking at human capital from a health care and college perspective and at area codes as conspicuous consumption.

Health Care Spending: The Impact of the Deductible

With some unintended consequences, a large self-insured employer cut health care spending by switching from free employee health care to a high deductible.

Weekly Roundup: From Venezuela’s French Fries to the Army’s Pizza

Posts Roundup Sunday 11.01.15 How to be inches away from getting hired…more Monday 11.02.15 Why one-child could be here to stay…more Tuesday 11.03.15 The army food we eat at home…more Wednesday 11.04.15 What a pizza can teach us…more Thursday 11.05.15 The tough part of deciding who…

Why China’s Two-Child Policy Might Not Work

Although China has said it will replace its one-child policy with a two child limit, small families remain a social norm that will be tough to change.

Weekly Roundup: From Blockbuster Movies to Student Debt

This week’s economic news summary includes the transactions costs of new medical diagnostic codes, the personal and macro impact of the student loan crisis.

Part 2: Understanding the Student Loan Crisis

On the post secondary institution side of the student loan crisis, eligible Title IV schools charge higher tuition than similar non Title IV schools.

The Unintended Consequences of Parental Leave

Although firms and countries have family friendly policies with generous paternity and maternity leave, the impact has harmed women’s chances for promotion.