Why We Might Have Another Partial Government Shutdown

To see why another partial government shutdown is a possibility, we can look at the Congress’s continuing resolutions (CRs).

Six Facts We Need to Know About the Federal Budget

The six facts that we need to know about the federal budget include spending, taxes, borrowing, and where we could wind up.

Six More Facts We Need To Know About Social Security

Although Social Security solvency has not been in the headlines, it remains a massive challenge that we need to understand.

Why We Should Apologize to the IRS

Including more people saying, “Where’s my refund?” the number of IRS problems has been increasing while its budget has been shrinking.

What Census Takers Can Learn From Birdwatchers

Thinking of the 2020 decennial census and a bird count on a South Australian beach, we can cite similar concerns about accuracy and well being.

Six Facts We Need to Know About Social Security

To begin to understand the biggest slice of the federal spending pie, we should start with six need-to-know Social Security facts.

Everything You Might Not Know About Government Shutdowns

While a government shutdown could just be called cutback because of an appropriations gap, a closer look reveals a fascinating host of issues and costs.

Government Shutdown Basics

If the Congress does not replace tomorrow’s expired continuing resolution with a temporary spending replacement, we will have another government shutdown.

Understanding the Big Numbers in the Federal Budget

Judging the Trump blueprint for the federal budget, we need to figure out how to compare trillion dollar totals to billion dollar proposals.

What We Need To Know About Federal Spending

Talking about foreign aid and the defense budget is like comparing a blueberry to a watermelon. Foreign aid spending is tiny while defense dollars are massive.   With federal spending on foreign aid, defense, Medicare and Medicaid in the headlines, let’s…