Why E-Commerce Is More Than a Package

Cheaper laundry detergent, Victoria’s Secret, a deserted downtown and a stressed UPS are all a part of the e-commerce impact on rural American towns.

Why Grumpy Cat Can Finally Smile

Narrowing intellectual property rights, a court recently decided that the “Happy Birthday” song could enter the public domain because no one owned it.

Is Your Self-Driving Car Ethical Enough?

Assume for a moment that you are driving a car and suddenly see some debris in the road. If you veer to the side into a crowd of pedestrians, you can avoid injuring yourself. Harm yourself or someone else? As the debris approaches, the…

Why It’s Tough to Solve Traffic Congestion

First in the nation for gridlock, Washington, D.C. has a #1 award that no one wants. During 2014, D.C.’s average rush hour driver lost 82 hours in congestion. Think 10 years and you’ve used up a month. While traffic jams create…

Weekly Roundup: From Sweden’s Tax Evaders to Libya’s Safe Crackers

Ranging from a U.S. cheese glut to Taiwan’s healthcare, our weekly roundup included behavioral economics, fiscal policy and opportunity cost.

Why Safe Cracking is a Monetary Policy Tool in Libya

Related to safe cracking and printing money, the impact of cheap oil on Libya and Venezuela has been somewhat surprising.

Weekly Roundup: From Bag Fees to Ambulance Meters

Weekly News Roundup Sunday 04.24.16 The incredible impact of self-driving cars…more Monday 04.25.16 The significance of a new skyscraper…more Tuesday 04.26.16 The benefits of bag fees…more Wednesday 04.27.16 The travels of a coffee bean…more   Thursday 04.28.16 Where health care is cheaper…more Friday 04.29.16 Why…

Comparing Parental Leave Plans

Including California and the U.K., the number and benefits of parental leave plans have been increasing but we also should consider the tradeoffs.

Weekly Roundup: From Buying Big Macs to Selling Waders

Our weekly roundup includes the tennis gender pay gap and toilet gap, free trade and individual businesses, and the purchasing power of the minimum wage.

Weekly Roundup: From Warren Buffett’s Bet to McDonald’s Hamburgers

Our weekly roundup includes productivity and a hamburger assembly line, financial intermediaries and index funds, soda tax incentives and the GMI.