Six Facts We Need to Know About Social Security

To begin to understand the biggest slice of the federal spending pie, we should start with six need-to-know Social Security facts.

A Simple Tax Story

Thinking of tax reform, we can not only look at what we pay and how much, but also at simplifying taxes through pre-filled forms from the IRS.

Deciding Who Is Middle Class and Who Is Rich

According to President Trump and most other politicians, tax reform will be “a middle class bill.” However, ask people what they mean by the middle class and it becomes a mystery. In one Congressional Research Service report, they even say…

The Best Places to Grow Old

Looking at adequacy, sustainability, and integrity, we would see that the retirement income systems of 27 nations vary considerably.

The Best Places For Paying Business Taxes

Talking about U.S. business tax reform, a PWC/World Bank Report shows us that there is so much more to consider than the 35% top rate. The Best Business Tax Places The Report did a country-to-country comparison by creating a standardized…

A Lesson From 1986

Yes. we all know that the Tax Reform Act of 1986 is the most recent example of comprehensive tax reform. And yes, it compressed 14 tax brackets into two (15%, 28%) with a third that has been called the phantom…

What Technology Entrepreneurs Want From Government

With Silicon Valley being called a massive ATM, researchers looked at the opinions of elite technology entrepreneurs to see their political influence.

How Low-Skilled Immigrants Support Highly Skilled Women

In additional to debating the impact of immigration on less educated men, we should look at how highly skilled women are affected.

Connecting Medicaid Expansion to the Divorce Rate

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) Medicaid expansion and subsequent Supreme Court decision had a surprising impact the divorce rate.

A World Trade Snapshot

Asked to name top state imports, we might say cars. For Wisconsin though the right answer is sweaters. A second surprise? Medicine is #1 on Washington D.C.’s import list. The Ins and Outs of Trade On a state-by-state basis, the maps that follow give us…