Why the IKEA Effect is About Much More Than Furniture

Rippling far beyond furniture assembly, the IKEA Effect can determine how we value what we construct and cook at home, and design at work.

Lessons From the App Economy

Tracing the history of the app economy from the surprising first million dollar app to today, we would see how similar it is to a simple pencil.

Amazon Economics

Starting with Whole Foods, today’s Amazon economics lesson will include topics that range from Amazon’s acquisitions and innovations to their IPO.

Throwback Thursday: Missing the Mall

With shopping malls closing, we can look back at why they first began and why their design was a revolutionary innovation.

A Tale of a New Shopper and an Old Brand

The retail unemployment caused by the decline of J. Crew and other beloved mall stores relates to a structural change in their industry.

What Star Wars Can Teach Us About Success

Even as it celebrates its 40th birthday after a quiet 1977 debut, we cannot be sure of the reasons for Star Wars’s success.

The Problem With Sand

If we have a sand shortage, Olympic beach volleyball, new homes and roads, fracking, water filtration, and so much more will be affected.

The Rise and Fall of Standardized Dress Sizes in the U.S.

Whereas we know the size of an inch and a mile, standardized dress sizes were developed and then abandoned in the United States.

A Different Kind of Apple Patent

Whether looking at the iPhone or at Washington state’s farmers, producers care about apple patents that protect new products.

The Robots Are Coming (With Your Pizza)

Transforming our pizza delivery, our factories, our warehouses and our cars, the many sides of robotics make it our newest frenemy.