The Problem With Sand

If we have a sand shortage, Olympic beach volleyball, new homes and roads, fracking, water filtration, and so much more will be affected.

The Rise and Fall of Standardized Dress Sizes in the U.S.

Whereas we know the size of an inch and a mile, standardized dress sizes were developed and then abandoned in the United States.

A Different Kind of Apple Patent

Whether looking at the iPhone or at Washington state’s farmers, producers care about apple patents that protect new products.

The Robots Are Coming (With Your Pizza)

Transforming our pizza delivery, our factories, our warehouses and our cars, the many sides of robotics make it our newest frenemy.

A New Meaning For Food Court

Like Uber and Airbnb, the growing popularity of Eat With Stranger Apps (EWSAs) is creating sharing economy dilemmas that relate to regulation.

The Revenge of the Smartphone

When technology bites back, it forces us to recognize that all new things can have unintended consequences that offset the benefits of innovation.

How a Sound Sells a Product

Suggesting luxury or freshness or just plain pleasing, sometimes product sounds can be an unforgettable competitive tool.

A 13 Minute Delivery

With “click to plop” in just 13 minutes, last week’s totally automated Amazon drone delivery to a real customer can create huge cost savings.

Why Southwest Airlines and Zara are Similar

Talking turnaround, planes and clothing can be rather similar. Where are we going? To productivity. Southwest Turnaround Typically between places like Dallas and San Antonio, in 1971 Southwest flew only short haul flights in Texas. As a discount airline with fares that were…

The Newest NASA Challenge

By crowdsourcing innovation through a contest, NASA hopes to solve a poop problem with financial incentives that have dependably spurred invention.