The Newest NASA Challenge

By crowdsourcing innovation through a contest, NASA hopes to solve a poop problem with financial incentives that have dependably spurred invention.

Why More Manufacturing Does Not Mean More Jobs

Based on the past 35 years, “bringing back” U.S. manufacturing means more automation and innovation but not necessarily jobs.

How to Recognize a Successful Startup

Sometimes the name and location of a firm can tell us whether an entrepreneur has created a startup that is destined to grow.

Protecting Cheerleader Uniforms

The Supreme Court will soon decide if, as intellectual property, the design of a cheerleader’s uniform is protected by copyright law.

Why Spanx Needed a Woman

Displaying what women bring to corporate boards, the story of Spanx founder Sara Blakely conveys the benefits of gender diversity.

The Impact of a Robot Queue

Seeing a robot queue at an Apple store in New Zealand, we can begin to imagine how they will transform our land, labor and capital.

Why E-Commerce Is More Than a Package

Cheaper laundry detergent, Victoria’s Secret, a deserted downtown and a stressed UPS are all a part of the e-commerce impact on rural American towns.

Why a Piggly Wiggly Birthday is Special

Called Piggly Wiggly, the first supermarket that opened 100 years ago destroyed the general store and forever changed how we shop.

Why Department Stores Are Dying

Reflected by Macy’s and Walmart’s store closings, the death of the department store is an example of the impact of Joseph Schumpter’s creative destruction.

Why We Have Peach Problems

Today we have some bad news and good news about the supply of peaches. A Peach Massacre They called it the Valentine’s Day Massacre…of peaches. During February and then again in April, New Jersey, New York, and New England were…