When Pay-What-You-Want Does Not Quite Work Out

Unexpectedly, Panera’s pay-what-you-want cafes couldn’t bring together the normal lunch crowd and people who could not afford a meal.

Six Facts: What It’s Handy To Know About China

A look at U.S. China trade history reveals how the Chinese economy has changed and what a combination of command and the market can accomplish.

Why the Kilogram Had to Change

To become more accessible and accurate, a new kilogram has been developed that that is based on ideas rather than an object.

An Amazon Market in South America

Everywhere we read about Amazon markets. But today, it’s the real thing. Where are we going? To what you can buy in the Amazon Basin. From Jungle to Table Our story starts in an upscale restaurant in La Paz, Bolivia.…

Deciding If Walmart Can Do Eye Exams in Oklahoma

In Oklahoma, voters will soon decide if eye care regulation should let retailers like Walmart and Costco give you eye exams and sell you eye glasses.

A Russian Wheat Story With an Unexpected Ending

The story of a contemporary Russian wheat farmer is rather surprising when we look back at how the Russia economy has changed during the past 120 years.

Why Wedding Tickets Should (or Should Not) Be For Sale

By identifying the moral limits of markets, we can decide what should and should not be sold…like wedding tickets and high grades.

Why We Need Speedy Connections

Looking back at the impact of the telegraph on cotton markets, you can see why a speedy internet affects supply and demand.

How Traffic Lights Relate to Adam Smith

When no traffic lights on the island of Nantucket has created good will among strangers, it also might show the limits of Adam Smith’s laissez-faire.

The Impact of a Bee Sting on Your Big Mac

The market’s message from bee pollination prices has minimized the impact of colony collapse disorder (CCD) on our Big Mac.