Amtrak’s Freight Train Problem

When fast-moving Amtrak trains and slower freight carriers share the same track, we have a railroad transportation problem.

Weekly Roundup: From Russian Vodka to Venezuelan Beer

Our weekly roundup includes how economics connected Venezuelan oil and beer, Russian taxes and vodka, Broadway and the $10 bill and moving and jobs.

Where and Why We Move

More than just people moving, the ease of interstate migration is one example of the benefits of a national market with one currency and fiscal policy.

Weekly Roundup: From Blizzards to Super Bowls

Our economic news summary includes how the sharing economy relates to outdated regulatory policy, elections and markets, and Super Bowl ad monopolies.

The Highway Font War

Recently controversial, the font on highway road signs is a safety issue that affects the quality of our transportation infrastructure.

The Good Side of a Blizzard

A legacy of the transportation and communications paralysis from NYC’s blizzard of 1888 was a nudge toward an underground transportation infrastructure.

Weekly Roundup: From Chinese Cement to Bowie Bonds

This week’s economic news summary included David Bowie’s financial innovation, China’s GDP cement problems, inequality contradictions and farm productivity.

The Significance of Cement in China

Showing why China’s GDP could be inaccurate, China’s huge demand for cement from 2011 to 2013 involved inefficiencies and numbers from local officials.

Weekly Roundup: From Calories to Climate

Our economic news summary included climate talks and externalities, “missing women” and Asian marriage markets, seniors’ spending and manufacturing supply.

All You Need to Know About the New Highway Bill

With Congress passing the act that funds transportation spending, we can continue to maintain and expand our transportation infrastructure.