Choosing the Best Healthcare Country

The one number we can be sure of for the Cassidy-Graham Healthcare Plan is 141. Its length is 141 pages. With no “score” from the Congressional Budget Office, lawmakers have no shared estimate of its fiscal and coverage impact. Meanwhile,…

Debating Kenya’s Plastic Bag Ban

To hear a single-use plastic bag regulation debate, you could go to Kenya or NYC while Rwandans might be discussing their plastic bag black market.

How an Economic Statistic Created a Crime

When Greek deficit totals were revised by the head of their statistical office, the Greek government said a crime had been committed.

Connecting Medicaid Expansion to the Divorce Rate

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) Medicaid expansion and subsequent Supreme Court decision had a surprising impact the divorce rate.

How the Post Office Makes No Cents

Thinking of postal service finances, you might picture Meyer Chuck, Alaska’s 25 residents receiving a weekly mail delivery.

Debating the Success of U.S. Healthcare

When ranking national healthcare, organizations use statistics that can be misleading because they are based on averages that include irrelevant data.

Understanding the Big Numbers in the Federal Budget

Judging the Trump blueprint for the federal budget, we need to figure out how to compare trillion dollar totals to billion dollar proposals.

The Decline of Laissez-Faire

Perhaps it all began when President Lyndon Johnson called Wilbur Mills, chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee. “Wilbur, I’ve just been looking through the polls here, and I’ve only got a few weaknesses, and the worst of them…

The Downside of a Greek Bailout

The Greek response to new bailout talks and more fiscal austerity ranged from a Scrooge Christmas card to a larger underground economy.

Deciding Whether New Roads Make Sense

Jobs aren’t the whole story when deciding whether to increase infrastructure spending on decaying and overloaded roads and bridges.