Six Handy Facts to Know on Tax Day

On this tax day, let’s look at six handy tax facts that range from how to un-pay a tax, to the best tax act, to how U.S. taxes compare with Europe’s.

The Upside of the 2020 Federal Budget

With the Congress having received President Trump’s 2020 federal budget proposal, a process with a rarely met October 1 deadline has begun.

Removing the Bailout Safety Net from the Greek Economy

Although the bailout of the Greek economy just ended, doubts remain about their ability to sustain their long-term debt obligations.

Six Facts: What We Need To Know About World Debt

The six facts that summarize world debt identify the big borrowers, the risky borrowers, and the criteria for deciding how much to worry.

Why It’s Tough to Give (Campaign Finance) Money Away

When Seattle tried using Democracy Vouchers to support campaign finance, the results were not entirely what they had expected.

What Our Cars Say About Us

Just combine Google Street View big data on 22 million cars with researchers at Stanford University and you learn lots about all of us.

Why Aren’t We Worried About the Budget Deficit?

Although the U.S. budget deficit just hit a five-year high, an economist could explain why politicians and voters are not worried.

Six Facts We Need To Know About the U.S. Federal Debt

Through just six facts about the U.S. debt, we can get a pretty good picture of what it is, who funds it, and where it might go.

When a Tax Rate Is Not as Simple as It Sounds

Referring to “The Son of Man,” Belgian surrealist artist René Magritte said, “Everything we see hides another thing.” Instead, Magritte could have been describing corporate taxes. The U.S. Corporate Tax Cut National The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 (TCJA)…

Why We Need a New Life Cycle Stage Called the “Young-Old”

Because the ageing population of people who are 65 and older has become more healthy and active, we need to recognize a “young-old” group.