China’s Recycling Reversal

When China told the WTO it would no longer recycle a lot of the world’s waste, it created a ripple of externalities from Hong Kong to Portland, Oregon.

Why China Wants To Be Called a Market Economy

A year ago, China filed a formal complaint with the World Trade Organization (WTO). Targeting the European Union and the United States, China’s goal was to have its economy called a market. The case is huge. Its results could transform…

The Washing Machine Trade War

My LG washing machine was more expensive than it should have been. The reason takes us to washing machine dumping and tariffs. The Washing Machine Wars My Korean-made washing machine (and others like it) was the target of a complaint…

How China Protects its Chickens

Because Chinese chicken tariffs on U.S. chicken paws violate the rules of the World Trade Organization, the U.S. has taken them to an international “court.”

Why China Wants to be Called a Market Economy

Ignoring Adam Smith’s ideas, the EU will probably tell us by 2016 that China has a market economy because the World Trade Organization requires a decision.

The Inflated Cost of Car Tires

Because the benefits of the tire tariff are concentrated while its cost is diffuse and invisible, government tend to create this type of regulation.

A Trade Dispute About My Washing Machine

I suspect that my new LG washing machine was more expensive than it should have been. Made by a South Korean firm, this washing machine (and others like it) was the target of a complaint that Whirlpool filed with the US Department…

The Cotton Wars

The Brazilian cotton saga continues…or maybe it has ended. Our story starts with the $150 million a year that the US had been giving to Brazilian cotton growers. We were sending close to $12 million a month because Brazilian farmers…

International Trade: The Story of a Subsidy

Oddly, some US farm subsidies go to Brazil. Imagine a safety net when you think of a subsidy. If prices are too low, then growers get money from the federal government. During the 1930s Great Depression, the goal of subsidies…

Playing Chicken With China?

Yesterday’s headlines about the US taking China to the World Trade Organization (WTO) for unfair auto and auto parts subsidies took me to chicken feet and The Economist’s Sinodependency Index. Knowing the major firms that depend on China for revenue…