Drones and Property Rights In the Air

Regulation of innovations like drones can take us back to old economic principles like property rights that have supported the market system for centuries.

Weekly Roundup: From Old Age to Old Signatures

Our Posts Roundup   Sunday 12.14.14  The mystery of the missing magazines…more   Monday 12.15.14  Where Italian needs a connection…more   Tuesday 12.16.14  Which movie stars live longer…more   Wednesday 12.17.14  The Christmas music list that keeps repeating…more   Thursday 12.18.14  How a signature…

Weekly Roundup: From Turkey to Buffalo

This week’s everyday economics include competition, oligopoly, marginal cost and benefit, GDP growth, unemployment, supply and demand, OPEC, redistribution.

Our Weekly Roundup: From Free Music to Cheap Oil

This week’s everyday economics involves opportunity cost, regulation, behavioral economics, GDP, automation, innovation, supply and demand and productivity.

You’ll Need a License for That

With the Supreme Court deciding if North Carolina’s dentists can exclusively whiten teeth, the pros and cons of occupational licenses are being debated.

Weekly Roundup: From Marijuana to Multinationals

This week’s stories on everyday economics include productivity, externalities, tax revenue, monopolistic competition, international trade and economic forecasting.

The Inflated Cost of Car Tires

Because the benefits of the tire tariff are concentrated while its cost is diffuse and invisible, government tend to create this type of regulation.

What is the Real Natural Gas Trade off?

Our occasional Wednesday environment focus When you discuss natural gas, do you refer to the environment, the economy or the law? Just mention natural gas to some of my friends and they focus on the environment. Concerned about the impact of the process used…

Is Colorado’s Marijuana Tax Too High?

Colorado has a nasal ranger. Concerned with the increasing odor of marijuana in the streets now that its recreational purchase is legal, Colorado has made it possible to quantify the smell. Last year, between January and September, 11 of Denver’s…