Where Life Is Better

When approximately 43,000 people in 38 countries look back to 1967, some say life is better but others do not. The Pew Research Center gathered their answers last spring. The most positive response came from Vietnam and India. The most…

Two Amazon Stories (and More)

Sweden had unusually low Amazon numbers in the 2017 PwC global retail survey. In Sweden just 13% of all product searches start with Amazon. For the U.S. that number is 45%. Wondering about the difference, I started to do a…

The Messages That Satellite Images Send

By showing illuminated areas of the world, nighttime satellite images can tell economic stories that relate to growth and contraction.

Connecting a Good Economy to Bad Health

It makes sense to assume that when the economy is better, we feel better, We should have less illness and live longer. Correspondingly, in a sick economy, we too feel sicker. Not necessarily. A Recession’s Mortality Impact One study of European…

All You Never Knew About Sleep and Work

In Japan, you could be admired for taking a daytime snooze at work. Called inemuri, “sleeping while present,” lets you attend a meeting while displaying your diligence through your exhaustion. It lets you signal that you are on the job…

Can a Hurricane Help an Economy?

Before, during and after a natural disaster like Harvey, we have hurricane economics affecting gasoline markets and the GDP.

A New Way To Take Our Economic Pulse

Economists become somewhat similar to weather men and women when their GDP monitor is a nowcast that forecasts the present.

What Star Wars Can Teach Us About Success

Even as it celebrates its 40th birthday after a quiet 1977 debut, we cannot be sure of the reasons for Star Wars’s success.

The Economic Significance of Alcohol Consumption

While it is relatively easy to measure how much alcohol consumption varies among countries, identifying a direct economic impact is much tougher.

How Holiday Spending Helps (and Harms) Our Economy

Holiday spending is about more than Mother’s Day when we look at the long list of days, weeks and months that were created to boost a brand or industry.