How Covid-19 Affects the Cost of Living

Because a Covid-19 basket of goods and services has a different inflation rate from the CPI basket, the cost of living might not be what we think it is.

How a $350 Meal Became $35 Takeout

A Chicago restaurant’s pandemic takeout plan transformed the limitations of the lockdown rules into a creative opportunity.

A State-by-State Look at Quarantine Takeout

Ranging from tacos to dumplings to General Tso’s chicken, our state-by-state quarantine takeout preferences are different.

A Tale of Two (Very Different) Restaurants

Thinking of a post-coronavirus world, two restaurants in New York City have a very different vision of what how business will change.

A Tale of Two Grocers

Faced with isolated communities, two grocers, separated by thousands of miles, support their customers in a rather similar way.

The Best Way to Social Distance at a Restaurant

Except for one very clever Amsterdam eatery, the restaurant industry has been hit exceedingly hard by the coronavirus lockdown.

Why We Worry About “Murder Hornets”

When thousands of decapitated bees were found in a Washington state hive, we began worrying about the impact of murder hornets on the bee population.

The Beer That No One Wants to Buy

The firms that produce craft beer and the farmers that grow Idaho potatoes have somewhat similar pandemic supply problems.

Why Food Expiration Dates Matter More Now

Because of COVID-19 lockdowns, we care more about those unclear food expiration dates that let us know when to trash what we store in the refrigerator.

What Will Happen to Restaurant Food?

As business closings multiply, redeploying food from restaurants to supermarket consumers has required changes along the supply chain.