Why We’ll Have a 2019 Valentine’s Day Candy Shortage

First there was the Great Necco Wafer Panic of 2018 and now we have a Valentine’s Day candy shortage of the conversation hearts that are a national favorite.

What an Economist Says About 300 Hamburgers

Hearing the Clemson University football team got 300 burgers at the White House, an economist might name the resources needed for a quarter pounder.

The Economics of Skiing Across Antarctica

Across a 921-mile stretch of Antarctica, two men are racing. Unassisted, each is alone. Unsupported, they are not allowed to receive a food or fuel drop or to use a kite for wind power. All each needs is on his…

Six Facts About Disaster Economics

When natural disasters like hurricanes, massive snowstorms, and wildfires strike a region, their economic impact is far more than the clean-up.

Why You Might Want Some “Price Gouging”

Called “price gouging” by many of us, an increase in prices as a hurricane approaches could be a productive incentive for supply and demand.

Deciding Who Gets Medical Help During Disasters

Remembering Hurricane Katrina and the decisions one isolated medical staff had to make for patients, a group in Maryland has recommended triage tradeoffs.

How Phish-Tarping is a Tragedy (of the Commons)

While we know that overused resources can include the ocean, the air, and a pasture, we also should include beaches and seats.

An Economics Lesson From an Ant

Not only providing a lesson that relates to building nest tunnels, ant economics can also teach us about diminishing returns to scale.

Why Urban Farmers Plant Their Crops in Garages

Using old containers from cargo ships, commercial urban farmers are growing hydroponic mini-lettuces and even strawberries in warehouses and garages.

Why We Suffer From FOMO

With social media telling us everything our friends are doing and much more, many of us experience FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).