How Stock Markets Create Peace

Looking at voting preferences, researchers uncovered a surprising change in attitudes about Israeli/Palestinian conflict resolution from new investors.

China’s Recycling Reversal

When China told the WTO it would no longer recycle a lot of the world’s waste, it created a ripple of externalities from Hong Kong to Portland, Oregon.

Choosing the Ethics of Self-Driving Cars

Governments have begun to provide guidelines about the ethical choices that will be necessary when programming driverless cars.

Connecting a Good Economy to Bad Health

It makes sense to assume that when the economy is better, we feel better, We should have less illness and live longer. Correspondingly, in a sick economy, we too feel sicker. Not necessarily. A Recession’s Mortality Impact One study of European…

How Affluence Relates to Pollution

China’s first three five-year plans had no mention of the environment. Then in plans five through nine, there was more. And now, looking at plans 11 to 13, we would see that 5% of all words relate to ecology, energy or the environment. Where are…

The Robots Are Coming (With Your Pizza)

Transforming our pizza delivery, our factories, our warehouses and our cars, the many sides of robotics make it our newest frenemy.

The Cost of a Comma

A missing Oxford comma became rather expensive when an appellate court used it to interpret Maine’s overtime labor law in favor of a dairy’s drivers.

Street Grid Economics

More than we realize, our economic behavior in a city is shaped by the urban planning that created the shape, the length and the width of the streets.

Why E-Commerce Is More Than a Package

Cheaper laundry detergent, Victoria’s Secret, a deserted downtown and a stressed UPS are all a part of the e-commerce impact on rural American towns.

Why Grumpy Cat Can Finally Smile

Narrowing intellectual property rights, a court recently decided that the “Happy Birthday” song could enter the public domain because no one owned it.