New Jersey Plastic Bag Ban Surprises

plastic bag ban
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  1. Alexis Berg Marmar says:


  2. Rick Shapiro says:

    The obverse of your observation is that “single use plastic bags” are often reused. I reuse all of my plastic grocery bags because I have a dog.

  3. Dan Abbey says:

    The paper bag ban alongside the ban on plastic bags was a bad move. Paper is biodegradeable, and I would have embraced the option to be charged 50 cents a bag for paper. Liberal government overreach at its finest!

  4. Donny Johnson says:

    This plastic bag ban is clearly costing the public more money with the inflation being high and this Governor is not trying to help his citizens out but given all the money to other unnecessary projects and doing other things that not necessarily the right time to do so if he doesn’t get it together he might be a clear call for that he not fit for the Job and ***********((

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