Weekly Roundup: From New Drachma to Old Monetary Dilemmas

Our everyday economics includes foreign exchange, human capital, economic growth, GDP, inflation, unemployment, monetary policy, tradeoffs and deleveraging.

Three Big Questions About the GDP

GDP problems include that it’s not calculated the same way in different countries, its data can be tough to gather, and its components omit important items.

One Reason We Can’t Believe in Innate Talent

Limiting potential economic growth, the myth of innate talent in disciplines like philosophy diminishes the pool of female and Afro-American human capital.

Why Didn’t I Think of That?

A person whose goal is growth and innovation, the founder of Parcel is an example of Joseph Schumpeter’s high impact entrepreneur and creative destruction.

The Mystery of the Disappearing Workers

Partially reflecting more women in the labor force, the participation rate rose from the 1970s until recently but now the mystery is why it is falling.

Fries and Chips: Potato Stories

When firms use research and development (R&D) for french fries and potato chips they create a springboard that Harvard’s Clayton Christensen explains.

When You Can Expect to Be Most Creative

Knowing about how and when creative people achieve optimal productivity is important because of the connection between human capital and economic growth.

Weekly Roundup: From Airline Seats to Earthquakes

Our weekly roundup includes everyday economics that relate to opportunity cost, corporate taxation, GDP, monopolistic competition & negative externalities.

Can an Earthquake Be Good for the Economy?

19th century economic writer Frederic Bastiat warned that a disaster spending GDP boost is misleading because of unseen sacrificed economic activity.

Three "Tear-Water" Graphs

The U.S. has had an economic recovery from the Great Recession with sluggish GDP growth, a worrisome output gap and slowly diminishing unemployment.