Dynamic Pricing: How To Lower Your Electric Bill

As monopolies, electric utilities have the pricing power that lets them offer dynamic pricing through smart meters but supply and demand will change slowly.

Up Like a Rocket, Down Like a Feather

At your local gas station, you might be seeing some sticky prices. Although barrels of West Texas Intermediate (WTI) and Brent Crude have steadily gotten cheaper, the price at the pump has had a less steep downward trajectory. One economic study…

The Reason One Starbucks Can’t Ask Your Name

Even for a huge multinational like Starbucks, competing globally requires knowledgeable monopolistic competition and knowing local tastes and habits.

Linguiça, Linguine & Linguistics

Because restaurants engaging in monopolistic competition need to differentiate themselves, they use their menu language to show their high or low price qualities.

Will Conspicuous Consumption Add to iPhone 6 Sales?

As an oligopoly, through pricing power and product differentiation, Apple takes advantage of the conspicuous consumption customers could experience.

How Much Do You Care About Your Independent Book Store?

The price floor in France’s Anti-Amazon Law protects independent booksellers and their cultural contribution but diminishes efficiency and raises prices.

Back to the Future… of Air Travel

Although 82% of the U.S. airline industry is dominated by 4 airlines, it is not a typical oligopoly because of new small airlines flying routes that the bigger carriers cut.

Why is the Milk at the Back of the Store?

Because market structure shapes a firm’s behavior, a supermarket’s product placement relates to the monopolistic competition that characterizes its market.

Our Weekly Roundup: From Cupcake Bubbles to Indian Villages

An Econlife roundup for the week 7.06.14 The tough part of cutting federal spending…more   7.07.14 When a village in India got a new road, surprising economic changes quickly unfolded…more   7.08.14 Who ever thought that a reclining chair could resuscitate…

The Reason I Will Return to My Local Movie Theater

I usually avoid going to my local AMC movie theater. Decades old, it has had a decaying lobby, saggy seats, and a rather worn-out feeling. Several weeks ago, though, as the only place with a good time to see Chef, I…