Where to Find the Biggest Gender Gap

Through worldwide gender gap indicators, we can see that Iceland can optimize productivity and human capital through a small gender gap.

Why Cigarette Ads Affect the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)

The free trade pact that Congress is debating, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, has an ISDS (Investor-State Dispute Settlement) clause that’s controversial.

How Alibaba Grossed More than $14bil in a Single(s’) Day

While China’s Singles’ Day is the world’s biggest shopping day, food and other necessities dominate Chinese consumer spending more than in richer countries.

Why Currency is a Gender Issue

Conveying a message on gender and economic history, Alexander Hamilton on the $10 bill should remain and a woman should replace Jackson on the $20 bill.

Deciding If We Should Be More Like Denmark

While Denmark has universal healthcare, family benefits and pays for college, its social welfare system requires high taxes and other sacrifices.

It Ain’t Easy Being Pretty

When Job discrimination based on gender targets to women’s clothing, body type and make-up, it can relate to a dominant social group and patriarchal bias.

The Unintended Consequences of Daylight Saving Time

We should cancel daylight saving time because studies show that the opportunity cost of energy use has changed since Ben Franklin suggested “early to rise.”

Six Facts About Australia From The "World Cup of Everything Else"

In a long list of categories that they called, “The World Cup of Everything Else,” WSJ created brackets from the 32 World Cup teams and determined the winners. In 6 areas, Australia was #1 or #2: For life expectancy, Australia comes in…

Is the Price Right?

Let’s play an economic version of “The Price Is Right.” Is the price right for flood insurance? NY’s Senator Chuck Schumer wants the federal government to continue subsidies for flood insurance. As with all subsidies, federal aid has meant lower…

GDP: Where is the World Economy Going?

Yesterday, the UN published a preview of its world economic outlook. While projections are always debatable, their graphs provide a snapshot of key economic issues. GDP Outlook: Oil Prices: Grain Prices:   These projections and comments from a Société Générale Report…