How U.S. Labor Productivity Relates to Nike’s Vaporflys

Whether looking at the marathon runners that wear Nike’s Vaporfly sneakers or U.S. labor productivity, we can see the importance of capital innovation.

Why World Series Ticket Prices Are Soaring

Because baseball fans from Washington D.C. have waited 86 years for their team to reach the top, their World Series ticket prices are soaring.

Why Japan Has World Cup Beer Worries

Because Japan is not a country of beer drinkers, it has to adjust to massive beer demand when it hosts the Rugby World Cup.

When To Speed Up Tennis

To minimize the negative externality that players like Rafael Nadal create, officials have tried speeding up tennis with a serve clock.

Deciding Which Matters: Luck or Skill

For fantasy sports games to be legal in states where online gambling was prohibited, they had to prove whether luck or skill mattered more.

What Economists Say About a Penalty Kick

Confirming that economics relates to almost everything, game theory can explain yesterday’s women’s World Cup semifinal penalty kick save by the U.S. team.

What Female Soccer Players Hope to Win in Court

In the court battle over the gender pay gap in women’s World Cup soccer, the U.S. national team is citing issues that relate to much more than a sport.

The Three Million Dollar Baseball Card

Ranging from current sluggers to past players, the market for baseball cards has created prices that are below $2 and more than $3 million.

Will We Really Pay More to be Green?

Although many of us express a willingness to pay more for green products, a close look reveals that price can still have a big impact on our decision.

The Market Value of a College Sports Program

In addition to March Madness brackets, we could have used a college sports program valuation to rank the market value of each team.