A Close (Budget) Call

Having averted a shutdown last Friday, the Congress passed a continuing resolution that lets it fund government spending until April.

How Are Sweden and Zimbabwe Similar?

For very different reasons, Sweden and Zimbabwe are moving toward a cash free economy that could increase tax revenue and decrease illegal transactions.

When is $4 Billion Chump Change?

Included in the discretionary section of the federal budget, at $4 billion or so, Air Force One is a very small part of government spending.

Why It’s Not So Easy to Agree on Infrastructure Spending

While many of us agree that we need to repair and replace our transportation infrastructure, the Congress will have a tough time with the spending details.

A Marijuana (Tax) High

Surprisingly successful although the rates are so high, marijuana taxes are creating healthier budgets in a growing number of states.

Soda Tax Election Results

Some of us call it soda, others, pop. And even when referring to a drink that is not Coca-Cola, a third group says Coke. The following 2015 map shows where you would say “Pop” and why I say “Soda” in New…

How to Maximize Tax Revenue in Unexpected Ways

From India, the UK and the U.S., stories that make taxes interesting: India Drumming Up Tax Revenue Using shame when all else fails, officials in a Mumbai suburb boosted property tax revenue by 20%. They just show up on someone’s…

Election Economics: Is Anyone Worried About Entitlements?

Knowing that entitlement spending on Social Security and Medicare is soaring, the candidates have offered “free lunch economics” as their solutions.

The Tax That No One Likes

Among state gasoline taxes, New Jersey will jump from second lowest to seventh highest because of a soon-to-start 23 cent increase.

The Hidden Cost of E-Z Pass

While E-Z Pass minimizes congestion and wait times at bridges and tunnels, like hidden taxes, it also makes toll increases easier.