The Chicken Sandwich War That Popeyes and Chick-fil-A Started

A Maryland man tried to sell his Popeyes chicken sandwich for $100 through Facebook. He even offered to deliver it in the DC area for an extra $38.52. Because of the frenzy over the sandwich, he might have made the…

What Feta Farmers Fight For

The EU provides feta cheese makers protection from competition through a geographical indication that gives their name monopoly power.

An Unusual Pizza Market

When we compare pizza competition on an island to everywhere else, we wind up with some of what we expect but not entirely.

How To Get Speedier Fast Food

Hoping to increase its drive-thru speed, McDonald’s has begun to use voice recognition technology to compete against other fast food chains.

The Economic Side of Competitive Eating

Known as the super bowl of competitive eating, the July Fourth Nathan’s Famous hot dog contest is a business for the top eaters.

Solving McDonald’s Soggy French Fries Problem

McDonald’s current delivery problem with soggy French fries is somewhat similar to what it had to solve more than forty years ago.

Why We Need Holey Cow and Other Cheesy Names

Even U.S. cheesemakers suffer when the EU (European Union) says you can’t use a label like Parmesan or feta because your cheese wasn’t made in the required place.

What We Don’t Know About Dirt

MLB stadium infields might look like dirt but really, firms have competed to prove that their combination of clay, silt and sand is unique.

The Hopportunity Cost of the Craft Beer Name Shortage

Craft brewery competition got tougher as the number of craft breweries went up and the number of available beer names went down.

Using Time to Choose Your Coffee Shop

In 2015, Norway’s Odd-Steinar Tøllefsen won the World Brewers Cup competition. The rules are simple. You just need to use a non-mechanical coffee brewing method and have won qualifying regional competitions. Essentially, we are talking about pouring water (by hand)…