Weekly Roundup: From Data Spies to Ivory Trackers

Our economic news summary ranges from elasticity and a Berkeley soda tax to the minimum wage and the cost of living, to the power of the market and ivory.

Weekly Roundup: From Thirsty Almonds to Potent Alcohol

Our everyday economics includes human capital, incentives, behavioral economics, cost and benefit, exports, tradeoffs, inequality, risk,markets, and income.

Does the Ivy League Diploma Matter?

With the human capital in elite jobs dominated by Ivy League or other prestigious schools graduates, we can ask if it’s those diplomas that really matter.

Chart of the Week: To Which Job Will Your College Major Take You?

Our Sunday chart of the week Just some human capital facts today… Showing the proportion of people from a college major that go to a certain kind of job, the following graphics connect college majors with employment groups. The original interactive graphics…