How To Catch Tax Dodgers With a Lottery

The lottery that Slovakia uses to catch VAT tax dodgers reflects fiscal challenges that eurozone countries like Germany and the Netherlands do not face.

A Closer Look at the EU 28 Economic Growth Rate

Looking at a European average economic growth rate, unemployment rate and GDP to debt ratio is misleading because of countries’ disparate economies.

Our Weekly Roundup: From Argentina to North Dakota

Today’s weekly roundup includes the everyday economics of sovereign debt defaults, oil boom towns, athletes’ labor markets and the GDP.

Greece Again?

With more austerity resistance to government spending cutbacks, Greece could again be heading for a sovereign debt default and a bailout.

Why the GDP is Much More Than a Number

Seemingly just a statistic, how we calculate the GDP and how it is used can be controversial and affect the lives of millions of people.

Monty Python World Cup: German vs. Greek Philosophers

Here is the line-up for the Monty Python World Cup soccer match between German and Greek philosophers: And the actual match: With Greece’s odds 125/1 for winning World Cup 2014 and Germany’s 4/1, it is highly unlikely that they will oppose each other this…