Why We Have More Bananas

Customized container ship refrigeration has made it possible for our fruit imports to include many more bananas, limes, mangoes, and berries.

Why the Panama Canal is Bigger and Better

Enabling the newest massive container ships to travel to the East Coast, the Panama Canal expansion changed the world’s transportation infrastructure.

Fracking and India’s Guar Bean Bubble

Used in ice cream, India’s guar gum is also so necessary for fracking that the rise of oil prices created a guar bean bubble.

What Technology Entrepreneurs Want From Government

With Silicon Valley being called a massive ATM, researchers looked at the opinions of elite technology entrepreneurs to see their political influence.

Where Smartphones Have to be Clever

Targeting a less literate, poorer population, developing nations’ smartphones are different from their “sisters” in industrialized countries.

What Most of Us Don’t Know About the G20

Predictable and surprising, G20 facts about the group’s countries and last week’s meetings show how we remain interconnected.

Why Toyota is an American Car

A source of jobs and economic growth, the leading manufacturer of American made cars is not a U.S. firm because of globalization.

What We Can Learn From the First Brexit

Like a contentious divorce, Brexit negotiations take us back to an EU exit precedent and forward to untangling countless agreements and regulations.

Where a Cranberry Meets NAFTA

For another NAFTA example, we can start with the impact of Canadian cranberry production on Nantucket but then continue onward to Wisconsin and beyond.

A World Trade Snapshot

Asked to name top state imports, we might say cars. For Wisconsin though the right answer is sweaters. A second surprise? Medicine is #1 on Washington D.C.’s import list. The Ins and Outs of Trade On a state-by-state basis, the maps that follow give us…