The Mystery of the Disappearing Avocado

If your favorite veggie wrap no longer has avocado in it, you can ask your economist to explain avocado prices with supply and demand.

Managing the McRib

Knowing that McRib supply is not predictable, the fans of the pork, barbecue sauce, onions and pickle sandwich are delighted whenever it resurfaces.

The Millennials Who Live With Mom

Looking at millennials’ households in the U.S. and beyond, we find a surprisingly large proportion of young adults living with their parents.

Where Smokers Smuggle Cigarettes

New York City just proposed another hike in the price of cigarettes. Instead of the $10.50 minimum, a pack might soon cost no less than $13.00. Historically high, NYC’s cigarette tax should remain the most potent in the country. Yes? Perhaps.…

Japan’s Potato Chip Crunch

Creating a run on potato chips, Japan’s potato crisis is a classic supply and demand story that starts in the field and ends in the store.

A New Meaning For Food Court

Like Uber and Airbnb, the growing popularity of Eat With Stranger Apps (EWSAs) is creating sharing economy dilemmas that relate to regulation.

The World’s Most Expensive Bread

More than a number, the cost of living in the world’s most expensive cities is about bread and wine and who can afford to stay.

March Madness Money Facts

Involving multiple markets and hundreds of millions of dollars, March Madness money facts relate to the NCAA, coaches, teams and the extra beer we buy.

The North/South EU Divide For Beer and Wine Consumption

Even when we look at beer and wine drinkers, the North/South EU divide is almost as apparent as with unemployment and debt.

Where a Cranberry Meets NAFTA

For another NAFTA example, we can start with the impact of Canadian cranberry production on Nantucket but then continue onward to Wisconsin and beyond.