Weekly Roundup: From Garbage Questions to Credit Card Costs

Our economic news summary includes expectations bias and female scholars, the environmental debate about garbage and hidden credit card externalities.

Why Women Don’t Get the Credit They Deserve

Expectations bias is among the top gender issues for female economists because we are predisposed to think of a male when looking at academic research.

Weekly Roundup: From Robot Servers to Shrimp Farmers

Our everyday economics includes wages, externalities, productivity, income, tradeoff, taxes, fiscal policy, gender, human capital and comparative advantage.

Why Major League Baseball Has a C+ Gender Grade

Because the presence of women in Major League Baseball (MLB) management positions is very small, they have diminished their talented human capital supply.

Weekly Roundup: From Uber’s Impact to the Cost of Children

Our everyday economics includes social norms, tradeoffs, financial intermediaries, human capital, sovereign debt, externalities,labor markets, & gender gap.

Hollywood’s Gender Gap

The film industry gender gap displayed behind the scenes and in front of the camera through male domination reflects expectations bias.

Weekly Roundup: From Apple’s Chimes to Boston’s Olympics

Our everyday economics includes innovation, incentives, environment, regulation, gender,monopolistic competition, oligopoly ,intellectual property and cost,

How Feminists Should Feel About New Yorker Cartoons

Stereotypical depictions of women in cartoons reinforces an expectations bias that men are authority figures while women are parents.

Weekly Roundup: From Hot Hands to Sunk Costs

The behavioral economics ideas from our everyday economics are confirmation, expectations and projection bias, frames, temporal discounting and sunk costs.

Why Are We Still Short on Female CEOs?

In behavioral economics, expectations bias studies on rats from Robert Rosenthal show how the small number of female CEOS is a self-fulfilling prophecy.