The Impact of Japan’s Aging Population

As Japan’s aging population grows older, the country’s producers of goods and services will increasingly cater to an above 65 demographic.

Why Apple Deserves the AT&T Slot in the Dow

For their innovation, association with telephone development, their Dow slot and perhaps creative destruction, Apple and AT&T have followed parallel paths.

What Do iPhones and Pencils Have in Common?

Whether looking at the supply chain for a pencil or an iPhone 6, we see globalization because price system incentives create cooperation.

Will Conspicuous Consumption Add to iPhone 6 Sales?

As an oligopoly, through pricing power and product differentiation, Apple takes advantage of the conspicuous consumption customers could experience.

Tragedy of the Commons: China’s Genius Bars

When my MacBook Pro had a track pad glitch, I just booked a free appointment online for the next day at my local Apple Genius Bar. In Beijing, I might have had more than a 4 week wait. Trying to…

Entrepreneurs: How Does Steve Jobs Compare To Tim Cook?

Listening to Apple’s earnings call 2 days ago, I wondered how to compare Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, to Steve Jobs. Citing Apple’s plunging stock price (see below), some analysts are saying that entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs are irreplaceable. Under Steve…

The iPhone 5 Map App

While Apple’s iPhone 5 map app might not always take us where we want to go, it will probably provide a path to some surprising innovation. A little history first… The iPhone 4 was released during June 2010 with a…

Playing Chicken With China?

Yesterday’s headlines about the US taking China to the World Trade Organization (WTO) for unfair auto and auto parts subsidies took me to chicken feet and The Economist’s Sinodependency Index. Knowing the major firms that depend on China for revenue…

Election Economics: Assessing Outsourcing

Until November 6, at econlife, Mondays will be about presidential election economics. In 2004, when President Bush’s Council of Economic Advisers chairman, Harvard professor Greg Mankiw, was lambasted for saying, “… I think outsourcing is a growing phenomenon, but it’s something…

More Polarization

On Apple’s website, they say that they are responsible for creating 514,000 jobs. Apple cites 304,000 jobs in transportation, manufacturing and engineering that directly and indirectly relate to Apple design, production and distribution. Beyond, they quote 210,000 app economy jobs. Their…