When a Tesla Price Tells Us All We Need To Know

Just by looking at a $35,000 Tesla price, we can decide if Elon Musk is creating luxury vehicles or cars for the masses.

What You Never Expected To Hear About a Traffic Jam

Since billions have been proposed for infrastructure spending, we should consider some surprising suggestions from researchers on traffic congestion.

The Women We Never Knew About

Because of the NY Times Overlooked project, Emily Roebling’s long delayed obituary displays how she helped to build the Brooklyn Bridge.

How a Caviar Sandwich Is Like a Model T Ford

Sometimes low cost production can make goods as different as a caviar sandwich and a Model T Ford more similar than we might expect.

Why It’s Tough To Be a BFC (Bike-Friendly City)

Looking at the world’s most bike-friendly cities, you can see why only one city in the U.S. was among the top twenty in 2015 and none were there in 2017.

Deciding If Taxes Make You Move

Seeing people leave New Jersey, New York, and Illinois, we can start to ask if interstate migration is caused by high taxes.

Why We Have More Bananas

Customized container ship refrigeration has made it possible for our fruit imports to include many more bananas, limes, mangoes, and berries.

The Real Infrastructure Spending Story

Referring to spending at the federal, state, and local levels, and to roads and bridges and electrical transmission lines and railroads and so much more, infrastructure spending is monumentally complex.

Why Valentine’s Roses Bloom in Colombia

Most of our Valentine’s roses come from Colombia because of the U.S. government, the perfect combination of land, labor and capital, and Walmart.

What Flying Really Costs

To calculate the real cost of flying, to the fares and the fees, we need to add the time, aggravation and inconvenience created by poor airport design.