A Lesson for Rail Transit From the Eastern Shuttle

high-speed rail transit
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  1. Dave Lambert says:

    Having lived in China for more than a decade & having watched the high speed rail network grow I found your article interesting & have read & watched many articles explaining the USA’s reluctance to invest in HSR. I would respectfully take issue with a few points you made in the comparison table. Stations in major cities, (usually 10,000,000 or more population are not generally “outlying”. There are also normally several stations in major centres like Shanghai, Beijing, Hangzhou, Wuhan etc.
    Tunnels are not rare! In the eastern provinces maybe but by the time you get a few hundred km inland there are many & in central & south-west China I’d say almost half of the journey is through tunnels. They just bore straight through or build viaducts between mountains.
    While China began with technology transfer mainly from Germany I’d say the “copycat”description of the system is by now outdated, not to mention a little “catty”. They’ve been developing the system since then & have made many advances in the original designs.
    Did you really mean 311 MILES per hour, (almost 500kph)? The fastest Chinese trains run at 350kph. It would be interesting to see if the USA could come up with a 500kph system.
    As an aside, I can’t wait to get a ride on the 600kph maglev when it’s built.

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