There’s No Such Thing As A Free Reward

Although there is no such thing as a free reward, consumers rarely consider the rewards programs costs that they wind up paying.

The Mystery of the Disappearing Restaurants

Used to be we would prepare dinner at home while eating out was occasional. No more. Now, especially for lunch and dinner, someone else prepares the food. The Mystery The Atlantic called it “The Great Convergence.” The difference between what…

Surprising Culinary Status Symbols

Including celery and pineapples, past and present culinary status symbols are examples of foods preferred by an elite group.

Why Competitive Eating is About Much More Than Food

When Joey Chestnut guzzles 72 Nathan’s hot dogs in 10 minutes, his competitive eating takes us to much more than food and entertainment.

Why the Greek Yogurt Invasion Was More Than Yoplait’s War

The story of Yoplait’s unsuccessful battle against a Greek Yogurt invasion is really about a war that old food brands are fighting.

Throwback Thursday: Before the Baguette Crisis

Seeing the impact of French baguette deregulation, we can look back at the days when government guaranteed Paris’s bread supply.

Why Tequila Drinkers Need Protection

Like sparkling wine that is called Champagne and cheese that is Parmesan, Mexican tequila is legally protected, even with Desperados tequila-flavored beer.

A Marijuana Update

Whether looking at a new Colorado drive-thru or Canada’s problems, always, a marijuana update will take us to demand and supply.

Throwback Thursday: Missing the Mall

With shopping malls closing, we can look back at why they first began and why their design was a revolutionary innovation.

How Holiday Spending Helps (and Harms) Our Economy

Holiday spending is about more than Mother’s Day when we look at the long list of days, weeks and months that were created to boost a brand or industry.