What We Learned From New York’s Air Pollution

The economic impact of air pollution takes us to some predictable territory and also to some surprise results.

Why Saudi Arabia Grows Alfalfa in Arizona

A partnership that affects the Arizona water supply, Saudi Arabia and Arizona shareshared desert farming ytechniques.

The Unequal Impact of Climate Change on Women

Looking at the global warming impact, we would see how and why weather events exacerbate gender and age inequality.

Why Swiss Villagers and Panamanian Islanders Have the Same Worry

While a collapsing mountain appears to affect just nearby people, it really is about the universal dilemma of relocating communities.

What We Can Learn From a Banana

We could use the banana as a benchmark for our carbon impact. While The Economist showed us how, it’s really all about opportunity cost. Banana Emissions Benchmarks let us judge another good or service by comparing the two. Investment advisors…

What 9 Euros Say About Public Transit

First looking at Germany and then at ten cities in Europe and Asia, we can see the potential of public transit.

Everything We Need To Know About Where Our Energy Comes From and Where It Goes

Looking at our energy use and emissions, we can see why we need unpredictable innovation more than “plugging in.”

The Surprising Impact of Global Warming On Future Hurricanes

Because they did so much damage, Ian and Fiona will no longer be on the hurricane list. The name Ian has been with us since 2016 when he replaced Igor. Around longer, in 2010, Fiona took Francis’s slot. Now, in…

Why Are We Drinking Less Milk?

We can look at the alternatives and at the environment to understand why our milk comnsumption has gone down.

Why It’s Not Easy to Use Less of the Colorado River

Complicated by centuries of obligations, and conflicts between cities and farmers, Colorado River problems are tough to solve.