Explaining Why We’ll Have New Hotel Shampoo Bottles

Describing why we’ll have new hotel shampoo bottles, Marriott, a hotel guest, and an economist would have different explanations.

Why Albums Are Longer

We are streaming more of our music with the newest albums having as many as 45 tracks. Where are we going? To some marginal thinking. But first, a bit of history… Music Industry Revenue Does anyone remember LP records? In…

The Economics of the Pumpkin Slingshot

For the next bite of a doughnut or the next try at a pumpkin slingshot, economist Alfred Marshall’s marginal analysis helps you decide whether to say yes.

How Your Parking Lot and Your Medical Care Could Be Similar

Our healthcare costs and parking lot spending are influenced by similar incentives that involve paying per visit or with a lump sum for unlimited use.

How Much Healthcare?

When the Netherlands pays for a mother’s first week at home after child birth, we get a message about their healthcare coverage.

Why a Pasta Pass is About More Than Spaghetti

Selling 21,000 seven week pasta passes, Olive Garden’s never ending pasta promotion is providing unlimited carbs with a hefty serving of economics.

All-You-Can-Eat Buffet Economics

Explained by Alfred Marshall and evident at restaurant buffet tables, the idea of diminishing marginal utility shows how marginal analysis is valuable.